Take Advantage of Your Alumni Benefits!

Program Benefits

Take Advantage of Your Alumni Benefits!

Life is unpredictable and it’s hard to anticipate every twist and turn, but that’s where the Alumni Benefits Program can help.

Our Program benefits can help you navigate many tricky situations:

Life Insurance

Great news! You’ve recently learned that you’re about to become a parent. But you’re also starting your own business and you don’t have any benefits. It’s not too late, you can purchase coverage for the entire family here.

Long Term Care Insurance

If you’ve witnessed friends or family helping loved ones who require round-the-clock care, you know first-hand how financially and emotionally difficult it can be. While you’re healthy and before you’re not, you may want to consider Long Term Care insurance. It’s a way to spare your family from staggering caregiving costs.

Pet Insurance

Speaking of loved ones, our dogs and cats are family too. When Spot needs an emergency vet visit, of course you’ll want to take him right away.  Yet, vet bills can be expensive and can quickly pile up, so our pet insurance is designed to help you manage these unexpected costs. Learn more.

Travel Insurance

After planning a vacation for several months and spending a significant sum on transportation and hotels, you find that on the day that you are set to leave, you’re suddenly stricken with 103 degree fever and diagnosed with pneumonia. Sure, you have to cancel, but can you get your money back? If you have our Travel Insurance, you absolutely can.

Identity Protection

Did you know that your medical insurance and health records could be compromised during a cyberattack? While identity theft is unfortunately becoming more common every day, medical identity theft could not only hurt your wallet, it could be detrimental to your health. Luckily our Identity Protection plans can help.

Small Business Benefits

If you’re a small business owner and you’re struggling to provide employee benefits, then believe it or not, but we’ve got you covered here too. Check out our all-in-one solution that includes a selection of employee benefit plans, an enrollment platform, and ongoing administration.

No matter what stage of life you happen to be in, the Alumni Benefits Program can help. Join the thousands of alums like you who have secured the financial protection they need.

Learn more about your Alumni Benefits Program


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