We offer an all-in-one simple solution that includes a selection of plans, employee enrollment, and ongoing administration.  Benefits administration technology not only eliminates paper and confusion, but also helps better manage total costs for you and your employees. An online platform allows both employers* and employees to designate and manage contributions and enrollments in medical, ancillary, and voluntary plans – all in one place.

*Minimum of five employees


Proposals from Top Carriers In The Market:  Access to the best options available to you, plus preferred carrier pricing that can provide you and your employees with significant savings.

Time Saving Technology: Software that streamlines benefits management for both employers and employees.  From open enrollment to processing of new hires and terminations, it’s all in one place—and free for our clients.

Ongoing Strategic Support: No question goes unanswered.  As the group benefits industry evolves, our administrator will be there to make sure you are using the right strategy and are staying in compliance with the changing laws.

Compliance Audit: A free annual audit for our members ensures compliance with current laws and avoids large potential fines.





The Better Benefits Group offers a unique Group Benefits solution that leverages new technology software to streamline benefits management for both employers and employees.  Through this technology, companies get a year-round solution that will save time and money.  It brings together all aspects of managing employee benefits—all in one place and with cost transparency.


If you need a quote or an application or simply have questions, call 800-635-7801, or email info@meyerandassoc.com. Trained customer service representatives will be happy to provide the information you need. And naturally you’ll be under no obligation.

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